Laboratory Testing

Do you feel that something is wrong, but your doctor says that all your results are normal, or that it's not possible to arrange the sort of tests you want?

Or maybe you are well, but curious about your health and want to be sure you are doing all you can to support it for the future. 

In addition to standard tests for cardiovascular, liver, immune markers etc., Edinburgh Nutrition works with a number of laboratories to offer a comprehensive range of tests that can provide tremendous insight into complex conditions and confusing symptoms. 

Results for blood tests usually take just a few days. Sampling for saliva / hair / urine / stool tests, can be carried out at home in your own time using test kits provided, and then kits are returned directly to the laboratory.


GI Profiles provide valuable insight into the complex and mysterious world of digestion. Tests range from SIBO and H. Pylori markers to comprehensive profiles that cover gut flora, inflammation, parasites and digestive secretions, to help pinpoint root causes of digestive problems.

Metabolism & Biochemistry

Metabolic, or Organic Acids profiles look at biochemical pathways to assess how your body is functioning, at a cellular level. The enables advice to be more individualised, using key insights into your health and diet, including mitochondrial health, toxins, gut flora and neurotransmitters.

Food & Inhalant Sensitivities

Proper testing for allergies, intolerances and
sensitivities can save so much time and hassle, avoiding months of complicated and unnecessary dietary exclusions.
Tests include: coeliac / gluten, lactose intolerance, food / inhalant allergies, delayed food sensitivities.


Many short and long-term health concerns are governed by hormones. Measuring your levels of these tiny, powerful messengers can give great insight and guide treatment. Tests include male and female hormones, adrenal and thyroid panels. 


Vitamins, minerals, Essential Fatty Acids and amino acids (proteins) can be assessed and monitored in a range of different profiles. Tests include vitamin D, B-vitamins, zinc, magnesium, omega 3 and 6 fats and the full range of amino acids.

Toxic Elements

Metals like aluminium and mercury are toxic because they interfere with and block many of our vital bio-chemical pathways. Testing helps guide the best strategy for dealing with an increased burden as it helps gauge exposure as well as clearance.

"Edinburgh Nutrition offered a rapid response to my initial enquiry, and an initial appointment was set up promptly. I found Emma to be knowledgeable about the latest nutrition research and painstaking in applying the best nutritional advice to my particular circumstances. She was at all times friendly and efficient."
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