Professional Supplements

Taking out the guesswork

Are you interested in supplements, but find the range overwhelming? Maybe you're already supplementing, but not sure if you're taking the right ones. Perhaps you have a cupboard full of supplements that you've given up on - this one didn't make a difference, and what was that one for anyway? Or maybe you had it all sorted, and then along came another scare story about vitamins in the news.  

Expert, independent advice about supplements is all part of your health improvement strategy. If you have ever used a professional-grade product at home or in the workplace, you'll know what a difference it can make, and it's the same with supplements. Emma is familiar with a wide range of products and brands, and favours those that are not just effective, but cost-effective. And if you are already taking supplements (or have that cupboard full of half-finished pills and potions!) Emma will gladly review and incorporate these wherever possible.

"Emma is a knowledgeable, approachable and effective nutritionist who has helped me manage and / or heal issues with ulcerative colitis, candidiasis and adrenal fatigue along with giving general immune system and bone health advice. She keeps up to date with recent medical and nutritional research and I trust her to give me sound advice. She has been a real blessing in my life and an integral part of my health team to help me get my health back and keep it. Thank you Emma!"                                   
Marianne S., Co. Antrim